Friday, January 20, 2012


So I'm new to this whole thing. All I know is I read a lot of blogs, both those belonging to people I know and those that I don't.  I think I lead a fairly entertaining life.  It's full of surprises, that's for sure.
I'm just over a month out from my wedding, which I'm throwing for 200 people. No. I don't even know 200 people, that's the funny part.
  I have the best fiance anyone could ask for in Zachary.  He thinks I'm funny and charming and a little bit crazy, all of which is true. We work hard, we play hard, we make each other laugh.
We have 2 dogs, and in the midst of wedding planning, we bought our first home.  We're still working on decorating it and filling it up with stuff.
We live by the beach, our first date was to the beach and we try to go as often as possible.  Lately, that hasn't been nearly enough.  I'm ready for a honeymoon and some mai tais...

We have a great family and an awesome set of friends. I don't know what we'd do without them.  I'm excited to chronicle this time in our lives, and I'll probably include some posts about things that happened in the last 11 months of our engagement.  It'll be part wedding, part humor, part little ol me.  I think what I've gone through in this engagement might be of some good advice to other girls, but we'll see.

Off for now, to think of something witty to say later <3

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