Thursday, January 26, 2012

He makes the money, I spend it...

My fiance makes more money than I do.  By a fair amount.  This is fine with me.
I pay all our bills because he can't remember to do trivial things like keeping the water on, which is also fine with me.
The problem arises out of my love of clothes.  and purses. and shoes.  When I want new purses or shoes, I can usually just order them out of "my" account, which I keep with his full knowledge solely for the purpose of buying 6 pairs of nude high heels or expanding my Vera collection.  The good news is, he never notices new purses or shoes unless I point them out. The bad news is, we're getting married in a month, and are mostly paying for it ourselves.  Therefore, even "my" money isn't I have to convince him I NEED things that I want. ie: the seersucker dress I must have
 me:  *link to dress*
  tell me i can have $100 to buy this.
Zack:  lol that's pretty
me:  pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease
game day dress
wedding attendance dress
Zack:  after the wedding

then he goes on to talk about basketball.
This is just one of those things that happens when you get married and decide you're a responsible grown up, isn't it?

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